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Awaken. Connect. Thrive 


Global retreats to awaken to who you divinely are

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Awaken Woodland Retreat

May 13th to 15th, 2022, Oregon, Illinois, US 

Join Kaileen Cox for a Weekend of Collective Connection 


Learn how to tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul. 

We'll guide you through:


  • Clearing your mind, cells and energetic field with Guided Sound Healing Alchemy.

  • Connecting with your spirit through play.

  • Hearing the messages your body is giving you and innately healing with Bio-Touch Healing. 

  • Letting your soul sing through intuitive movement.

  • Shedding light on limiting beliefs in real time understanding how to shift them over time.

  • Hearing, trusting and following your intuition with targeted exercises, activities and training.


It’s time to nurture and connect with yourself as you were always meant to.

Park in the Fall
Relaxing Outdoor

It’s Time To Connect with Yourself Again

With group guidance and group support post retreat, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner guidance.

Yoga Group
Coffee with Friends

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Meditating in Nature

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Awaken Woodland Retreat


Most profound appreciation for those beautiful souls that attended this divine retreat in May 2022

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