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Spirit Guided Living with Kaileen Cox 

This program is to help you deepen your roots into who you authentically are, a spiritual being having a human experience. While giving you expanded space for you soar as the connected divine being you are. Follow your excitement and you know you will love the journey. 

Spirit Guided Living Mentoring 1 to 1 Program 

This mentorship is an invitation to take note of the messages, signs and symbols all around you and open up to living a spirit guided life. One to one working with Kaileen, we will bring awareness to the hundred percent intuitive that you authentically are. We will explore what living spirit guided and connected to your authentic confidence self means to you. How you see everyday magic in your life.  What senses are currently strongest for you and develop all the ways you can communicate with your team spirit team, loved ones and higher self. Kaileen refers to this as connecting with the collective consciousness.


In this program we will cover what mediumship is, how you define it for yourself and how to bring it to the world that you are manifesting around you. You will discover how you connect to your tools including meditation, clair senses, 5 elements, remote viewing, oracle cards, crystals, and vibrational interpretation. You will connect with who is a part of your personal spiritual team and how they are supporting you. Guided meditation and visualization is one tool that will be used through the program as a way for you to connect and root in deeply to intuition. You will also develop your own way to create sacred space in harmony with your authentic being. 

Tarot Card Deck

The goal is to walk away knowing you are a spiritual being having a physical experience and knowing there are exciting tools and ways to connect with spirit. this is a one to one mentorship so you can connect to your confidence to go forward into your new awarenesses.  

This program is for you if:

  • You want a deeper connection to your spiritual side 

  • You feel you might or want to be be a psychic, medium, intuitive, or challenger 

  • You are highly sensitive 

  • You are ready for healthier boundaries with yourself and others 

  • You are ready to be confident with your gifts

  • You are noticing the signs around you and ready to applying your own beautiful meaning with support of Kaileen Cox.

Enjoying Nature

Kaileen Cox is an intuitive medium, mentor and healing instructor. She is the owner of Awaken Innate Healing, LLC. Kai started professionally helping people heal themselves as a massage therapist in 2011. Specializing in Hawaiian spiritual massage and Bio-Touch Healing, Kai always approached healing from the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. In 2020, Kai moved to solely teaching and holding space for others to become more spacious. She knows the great value in the power of touch and helps others hone their intuition and awaken their own innate healing abilities. Kai is grateful for the amazing mentors she has works with over the years and is honored to now have the opportunity to work with you. 


How the Mentorship Flows

This mentorship is customized to meet you exactly where you are. No two programs are the same because no two people are the same. Through the 8 sessions, you will build your confidence with your gifts and discover new awareness. You decide when to schedule so that it fits perfectly into your lifestyle. Each session is 75 minutes over Zoom. You can complete the program as quickly as 8 weeks or as long as 2 years. 


Tuition for this mentorship is $2,222

Payment options

  • Paid in full $2,222

  • 2 payments of $1,111

  • 4 payments of $555.50

After completing this mentorship you will receive a digital certificate of completion.


"Kaileen's mentorship has helped me with literally everything. It’s way better than a Therapist which I’ve tried that too lol. 
*help me get “centered“
*help me prioritize my goals or identify them depending on what I need
*assist me in clarifying things I’m confused about 
*I love that I have action items at the end of session, I’m a to -do list person or helps me focus" 


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