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10 ways to live a healthier life with a clearer vibration

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

1. Water, Water and more Water. I find it helpful to always have a full class on my counter so when I walk by its a reminder to drink more.

2. Listen to Your Gut. I believe the gut is the way we connect to intuition. When you get a gut feeling, honor it. They will start to happen more often when you do.

3. Make Time to Meditate. In the morning and/or at night, meditating daily can have a profound impact on your day. Just as a runner wouldn't just start with a marathon, its important to start with a couple minutes and build your way up.

4. Movement and Stretch to Heal. Does your shoulder hurt or low back ache? Movement can be the perfect solution. Often times when something is bothering us we tend to avoid using it and keep it still. Instead we should be moving and stretching to help melt the extra fascia away. A simple hula hoop can help low back pain.

5. Sleep ZZZZZ. Listen to your body, are you getting an adequate amount of sleep? I personally always plan for 8 hours and 45 minutes each night. That way I know I will wake up refreshed and ready to take on a new day.

6. Dance with a Smile and Sing. It doesn't matter if you are professional dancer or can't feel the beat. Turn on a favorite song and get your body moving and I'm sure you will see a positive impact on your day.

7. One Day at a Time. Yes, of course it is important to have plans for the future. However, we can only take one day at a time and we should honor that. It's important to say yes to plans but stay flexible. Again, this comes back to listening to your body, there could be a reason your body is saying stay home or we need a change.

8.Organize and Declutter Your Home. As a self proclaimed hoarder, this has always been a hard one for me. However, when I start small and go one space at a time, I feel the positive affect right away. Whether it is a closet where everything has a spot and then a little extra room to grow or your kitchen refrigerator so you know exactly where everything is and what you have. Make sure to celebrate the progress you have made instead of self shaming for the rest.

9. Stay in the Present Moment. Yes, day dreaming and reminiscing about the past can be fun but staying in the present moment lets you really experience life. Also, coming back to the present moment when you find your mind having repeating or negative thoughts can prevent anxiety from setting in. How I do this for myself is repeating "I love you" in my head and noticing the the details of the room I am in.

10. Have an Alter. Having a beautiful space in your home as a space to come to can raise your vibration. Collect a few meaningful belongings that spark joy for you such as crystals, statues, and books and display them on one surface. Its helpful to have your alter where you medicate. For me, my alter is in my healing room.

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