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11 Intuitively Guided Morning Rituals From an Intuitively Tuned-In Mommy

What does your morning look like? How intuitive and spacious is it? What do you make space for that brings you joy?

I’ve never been one for much structure because I like to stay as flexible as possible. I have found a few morning rituals I try to incorporate every morning that brings joy into my life. They help me be as fluid and at peace as possible.

Here is a list of 11 things I do in the morning as a medium that I have been spiritually guided to do. I hope from this list you will try at least one thing that speaks to you to spark more joy in your life. These techniques can be incorporated into everyday life to positively affect the mind, body, and soul. The first four things I do from the comfort of my own bed only take a moment and really help me be in a clear mental space and also start the communication with spirit. The rest I have incorporated into the rest of the day and for all the magic they add into my it really doesn't take much space in my day.


Starting off with a moment of clarity is a great way to get mentally ready for the day. I will either listen to a guided meditation or focus on my breath. You might think to yourself that mornings are busy and how will I ever make time. If that’s the case, then start on the weekend. It’s not about the time it will take but rather about the space you can make for it.


One of the most freeing things I ever did for myself was to stop setting an alarm to wake up in the morning. I believe sleep can be the most healing time for our bodies so starting yourself out of this sense of peace seems very counterintuitive. If necessary, try to find an alarm that will gently wake you up and definitely ditch the alarm on your days off.


The next thing I like to do is say, "spirit move me today for my highest good and highest good only." This is a way to start an open conversation with a spirit that will serve you best. I often work with people that want messages so badly that they do not create healthy boundaries with who they are communicating with. If you are one of these people, stop being a free vessel!


If you are not sure if this applies to you but you are currently asking or having a gut feeling about this, then I would lovingly encourage you to look into healthy boundaries. One helpful boundary I recommend and do myself before bed and when waking up is turning on and off "my light." I learned this technique a few years back from a fantastic mentor of mine. With your mind's eye, you envision a light switch or a lamp that before bed you are turning off you’re no longer excepting messages, and then when you wake up, you are turning on, stating that you are open to messages once again. This is to help my mind not to race before bed with ideas and start communication with spirit again. A dear client of mine gifted me a beautiful Tiffany lamp with a pull chain, this is what I envision. This is a technique for all. If you have a young child worried about monsters under the bed, try doing this exercise with them.

What I do next is open to the vibrations of love and gratitude from the mental, physical and spiritual plains and I do once I am ready to get out of my bed. I like to think of these as “waves of love” that I am surrounding myself with vibrationally throughout the day.


Next up is positive self-talk, which I do by taking a moment in the morning to be grateful. I do this while I am opening my drapes. I open them, take a breath and enjoy the nature I see. Then, I say three things I am grateful for. It can be anything that comes to you whether it is about yesterday, about the coming day, or something that is a part of our lives. The reason I always do it with the drapes open is that it's a reminder. First, a simple reminder in the morning to bring light into the room and then a reminder throughout the day of those things I am grateful for. Now let's say we forget to do this, that is totally okay! You do not have to put yourself down for forgetting. Just do it when you do remember. We can always let the light in.


Let’s take a closer look at tips for positive self-talk to address showing love on the mental level. I am sure you have heard how important positive self-talk is but sometimes this is more easily said than done. As beings having a human experience, we all have egos. This means we will all have thoughts that make us feel constricted or unclear on ourselves. I think it is important to acknowledge these thoughts and build awareness of them without any shame. If you have a thought about yourself or someone else that is a snap judgment, acknowledge how it made you feel and then release it to be transformed. When we keep practicing this, I feel that our minds will move towards what makes us truly feel good and we will live in that vibe.

This also means that taking time to practice loving ourselves is important. I like to start in the morning while brushing my teeth and say 3 things I love about myself. Today I said my smile, my eyes, and the way my body can move. What would you say about yourself?

All of this helps shape the frequency I want to be in throughout the day and only adds a few moments to my daily routine but adds abundance and space like nothing else I have tried. This is when I will start tuning in to hear what my body intuitively wants to eat for the day. I will admit that I start thinking about it the night before but this is when I ask my body what can I intuitively eat that will nourish me for my highest good.


Once I make my way to the kitchen after doing the beautiful mundane morning acts like getting the family dressed and letting the dog out, I will have a clear signal of what my body wants. As I’m cooking and preparing, I like to enjoy a warm cup of water. Our bodies are made up of 50% to 70% of water so I find it very fitting that it's the first thing I put into my body to break the fast. Sometimes I will add lemon juice, which surprisingly has been said to make our bodies more alkaline instead of acidic, but I only do this when my body asks for it. I find that my body asks for lemon more often when I’m living in an area of the country where they can grow and when in season. I attribute this to my body being tuned into the nature around me, you can tune in as well with simple everyday practice.


Before I start eating I like to thank my food for nourishing my body. Some people find it beneficial to chew every bite 30 times if this speaks to you wonderfully. For me it never seemed to last so what I like to do now is be mindful of my bites and make space to enjoy all the flavors. I also will trade-off taking a bite and interacting with my child. Sometimes that looks like I feed her a bite and we focus on chewing together. With all of this, I just hope that you give yourself space to enjoy the food you are putting into your body. I used to be the type that would eat on the run or in the car. I found this would lead to me overeating or not feeling satisfied, which I now know was a way for my body to tell me it wasn’t feeling heard. Since I started intuitively eating I feel better in the physical body and have seen extra weight be shed. It goes along with an affirmation I gave myself about 6 months ago, “ I am lighter today than I was yesterday, I am becoming more spacious in every moment.”


As part of my morning ritual, I like to get the sun on my face. Living in the Midwest doesn’t always make direct sunlight possible but I do the best I can. I will either stand on my deck for a moment in the cold months, walk around my yard barefoot to get grounded or go on a walk with my loved ones. The power of the sun isn’t new to anyone but if you have forgotten to make space to be in the light, I invite you to reenter this frequency. Like I said in the beginning I never was one for much structure so this is a basic idea of what I do to get into the frame of mind of living a spirit-guided life.


As a medium, I find it so uplifting to know you are never alone. Being guided or living intuitively means having an open conversation with spirit, whether that be your higher self, spirit guides, loved ones, or spirit animals. My last step for getting into my day is making sure I am in open communication with my intuition.

How I do this is I communicate with my higher self and my guides through my Clair Senses and energetic body. With my third eye, I envision myself meeting them around a campfire. It is an idea that has been with me since childhood. Partly from the first meditation, I can remember doing with my mom when I was very young. If a campfire doesn't speak to you that's okay, meet them wherever in the universe you choose.

Have open conversations with them just as you would a friend sitting in front of you. You can ask them for help with something you are dealing with or growing from or you can thank them. Please keep in mind that not all spirit guides will speak with words that you would hear. They might use any of our Clair Senses to communicate and it’s important to know we have a Clair Sense for every physical sense we have. The Clair Senses are a beautiful tool and if you are not connected with them already then I invite you to start exploring them.


Spirit also will get our attention with signs throughout our day. This can be a penny in our path or a feather or stone. There is so much more to the saying “see a penny pick it up, all day long you will have good luck.” It is how we acknowledge our guides for the gifts they give us. When I see a penny, I pick it up and say thank you guides, do you have a message for me and then wait to see what my gut tells me, or I will take note of what I was just thinking about as confirmation.

Other signs we may see are birds, butterflies, or animals. For me, a bird means confirmation and a butterfly is my grandmother who after she passed helped me awaken to effortlessly being able to communicate with spirit. If what I am talking about seems outlandish but very intriguing and you want to know more and you want to be able to do this yourself I’m here to tell you you can, it just takes practice. We all have the ability to communicate with spirit to be connected to our intuition with ease.


This is what my mornings consist of as an intuitively tuned-in mommy, Holistic Medium, and Spiritual Connector. I hope you found this helpful and will try to incorporate at least one of these 11 things into your day. Better yet, if none of these are directly are speaking to you and instead, you had something intuitively come then please incorporate that into your day.

There’s a reason you read this article and there is a reason your intuition is guiding you to think about or want something at this moment. If you have read this and have questions please feel free to reach out. If you want to hone your intuition and are looking for where to start I offer classes, one-to-one programs, and in-person retreats. If you are resonating with my vibration, I would love to work with you.

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