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Embracing My New Role

I’m embracing my new role with my #momcut

Lately, I have been focusing on where I’m putting my energy. My main focus is of course, my darling baby girl and family. But where should my other energy be going? I have decided that I’m really going to call my work my “playtime.” Only giving time to those things that spark joy and make my heart, mind, and energy sing. Often I put more pressure on myself than anyone else ever would, as so many of us do. Well, this is me officially taking that weight off my shoulders just as cutting my hair has done. This is my new start to a new chapter of my beautiful life. Much of my life I have been trying to fit into one box or another and that just simply isn’t me. I have many boxes for my many interests. Maybe my “brand” won’t make sense to others but I hope what you see me doing sparks joy! It’s time for me to be wrapped up in being childlike, instead of just doing it when it convenient. Yes, my new role is as a mother, but it is so much more than that and I’m letting my inner child sing.

This all is happening in such divine timing. Starting this month I will be back to teaching for the first time since giving birth. My first class is on 8/8 and about healthy boundaries with spirits. In numerology I am an eight so 8/8 makes me so joyous. I will then be doing my first in person Bio-Touch Healing workshop since covid began. I’m more excited than ever because I have experienced a shift in my outlook now. I used to get nervous about messing up and saying the wrong thing before classes. Now all that seems so small. I know it’s okay if I “mess up” because I am a soul having a human experience. In fact if I could handle laboring for 23 hours, giving birth and keeping another human alive, then I can do anything. It shouldn’t have taken those experiences to understand that. We all are such powerful beings and it’s time we really see that in ourselves. Yes, our ego wants to tell us we are not good enough but we are! My teacher, Sonja, always would say you can treat your ego as if it’s a dog. Sometimes a barking dog just needs to go for a walk so he can calm down. Once our ego isn’t barking at us, it is easy to see our divine self.

For anyone that needs to hear this, you are a powerful being and YES, you can do it! I see you and I love you. I see myself and I love myself.

My wish for you is to do something today that sparks joy, try something new, and notice something in the mundane. Hope you will join me on this new journey and drop into a class when you can.

Divine love,

Kai 💛🤍🌈

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