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Harnessing the Power of the Full Moon

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Happy Full Pink Moon Divine Souls

On April 16, 2022, the moon will be its most full at 2:14 pm. We are lucky to get 12 full moons a year. Pink refers to the time of year, this April's full moon is pink and it is followed by the flower moon in May. It is a beautiful time to release what no longer serves energetically and physically. Here are four tips for harnessing the power of the full moon.

Bask in the Beauty

Bask in the beauty of the moon by going for a walk or standing outside barefoot.It is such a refreshing feeling being outside in the beauty of the moonlight. When the moon is full it can be fun to go for a walk with just the moonlight. Of course, only do this in a place that is safe for a dark stroll. You can also step outside and get your feet connected to the earth by being barefoot. You can energetically send the energy that no longer servers to the center of the earth by envisioning this with your mind's eye.

Charging Water

Water charged with lunar energy is invigorating! You can use moon water to renew and replenish yourself, your plants, and your home. During the Full Moon tonight or tomorrow, put a jar of water outside to charge the water with the power of the moon.If this is your first time simply grab a jar with a lid and fill it with water. Then put it outside before you go to bed. Thank the moon for charging your water and adding magic into your life. Do your best to bring the water inside first thing when you wake up. You can use this water all around your house. Some people even choose to drink it. I know personally that my plants love it.

Bathing with Intention

A way to connect and release is by taking a full moon bath. Set the intention that your bath will be carrying away energy that no longer serves. This energy is completely unplugged from you by letting the bath fully drain before you get out. Take the time to make this bath as inviting and joyful as possible. I like to ass epson salt mixed with rose peddles, turn on my aromatherapy defuser, and light a candle with intention. Whatever I am ready to release for my highest good I state out loud as I light the candle. Then once I am out of the tub I thank the candle for burning bright and giving its light. Then I state what I am releasing once more and extinguish the candle.

Recharge your Crystals

You can also put crystals or rocks outside to recharge them. Remember to thank them for all the joy they bring to your life then in the morning when they have been cleansed tell them a new intention you wish them to hold onto. Remember this is to bring joy and magic in your life so please do so in that vibration. Have fun with it, there is no right or wrong. There simply is what works best for you in the present moment.

I hope you have enjoyed these four tips and I would love to hear if you try any of them. Remember, these are simply suggestions. If something else comes to you please follow your intuition and try that. If you have a full moon ritual please share it in the comments.

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