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“How Do You Change Lives?”

I was recently asked “How Do You Change Lives?” and at first I was taken back by it. My initial reaction was “oh no I don’t change lives, people change their own lives.” This wouldn’t have been a very good answer since what it was for was called life changers. I decided to sit with it for a moment and here’s what came.

“I believe we all have the power to heal our own lives with the right tools and steps. As a healer, I hold space for clients to heal themselves. As a guide, I help clear out the clutter so the path can be more easily seen. As a medium, I bring messages of love and peace. I believe that is truly our oneness that makes change a possibility.”

I am so happy I questioned my first reaction and gave myself a moment to see what would come. Have you ever been in this situation? If so do you notice that you are questioning your own innate gifts or do you go with the first reaction? I believe becoming more self aware has everything to do with the settle things we notice.

I’ve been told many times in my work by my clients that my reading or healing session has helped change their life and yet my first reaction was denial. I wanted to take time to talk about this because I think most people can apply it to their lives. Even when we have been doing something for a long time like helping people or anything that applies to your life, we can still have that initial reaction to question ourselves. I believe this is normal and part of being human. However, we get to decide if we want to sit with it and see if our initial reaction truly fits. It’s okay to question yourself because then when you have your true answer it is easier to stand on your own two feet. It’s okay to not know the answer right away and give yourself time. I believe we all have the ability to help change other people’s lives for the better and even the smallest acts of kindness will do so. Have confidence in what you’re doing and let your light shine for the world to see.

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