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I am a sunflower it’s written in my eyes.

Hey Universe, I thought it was about time I introduce myself. My name is Kaileen Cox or Kai for short and I am the person behind Awaken Innate Healing. I am a Holistic Medium and Spiritual Connector. My main focus is to help people connect and see the magic in everyday life through living a spirit guided life and innately healing. I am on a mission to innately heal myself and help others find tools to help them heal themselves along the way. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a friend. As well as being a mentee and mentor since I truly believe we all are lifelong learners so we are all students and we are all the teacher. I have a great passion to volunteer with the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics or known worldwide as Bio-Touch Healing. Along with being a certified teacher I am the global outreach coordinator and the secretary of the board. I volunteer with this amazing nonprofit because our mission is to put love into action. For now these are the labels I have chosen to go by or at least the ones that have stuck so far. I feel we are all always changing and growing. There’s a chance I forgot something but that’s more than okay. I’m excited to meet you, so I invite you to introduce yourself!

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