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Intuitive Messages

I recently followed an intuitive message that lead to something truly divine and I want to tell you all about it. Back in August my guides were telling me to reach out to an Instagram friend to talk about doing a reading for his show. I had the pleasure of being on Mitch’s show meet mediocrity right before I gave birth. The first time was a lovely time chatting with Mitch and it felt like we were old friends. Normally he only has someone on the show once so I was completely surprised when I clearly heard with my Clairsentience to reach out to Mitch for his reading. It’s not something we had ever discussed. It’s not something I ever really do. People come to me when they want readings, I never reach out. But I knew this had something to do with the show as a way to shed light on what it means to be a Medium. With having a little one and still trying to figure out this balancing act I didn’t reach the very first time. I said to myself if I have time for this and it’s really what I am supposed to do then please give me another sign. Sure enough I heard it again! It was so clear that I had to send Mitch this message.

As you can see it wasn’t something Mitch was thinking of but he was open to the idea. I am so grateful I listen to my intuition because this conversation was something I will always truly cherish. Plus it’s always nice to know that there is now one more person out their that knows we all can read the energy others are giving off, with permission of course. I think this is also a soft reminder that’s it’s okay to ask for a second sign or message so that we know what we are being given is clear. I practice connecting with my intuition everyday. What about you? Have you been given any signs lately that you want to share?

If you interested in listening to the divine conversation I had with Mitch please check out his podcast.

For anyone looking to chat about what intuitive messages they are being given, join me on January 7th at 7 pm. We will share where we are in our journey with spirit, a message we have recently gotten, and have time to talk about anything we might be working through or need help interpreting. This gathering is free, and all are welcome. Signup under the event page.

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