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Last Full Moon of 2020 - Release and Self Love

Tonight at 9:28 PM CST will be the brightest point of the last full moon for 2020. Shining brightly in the sky you might have already been drawn in by it’s beauty. 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. Full of new standards and opportunities to turn inward and awaken. There have also been some things that some people might just want to leave in this year as 2021 is just days away.

The full moon is the perfect time to release what no longer serves us. Have you thought about what you want to release? In celebration of this last full moon, I want to share some ideas you can do tonight.

First, make a list of what you want to release from different parts of your life. It can be the day to day, from the month or from the year. You can go outside and read this list out loud or in your head to the moon. Once we speak it into the universe, actions take flight. If you're really looking for immediate action, you can burn the list. Make sure to do this with a ceramic bowl or pot of water so you have a safe way for the list to burn. Only burn what you are truly ready to release since this action is very powerful.

Other things to consider doing in the moonlight is recharge from the energy of the moon. You can recharge your personal energy by standing outside and just looking up at the moon. If you happen to live in a warmer environment then have as much skin uncovered as possible but make sure you're comfortably warm. If you have crystals in your house, this is a great full moon to recharge them. Simply place your crystal safely outside for the night. Collecting moon water is another option. All you need is a container filled with water and leave it outside all night soaking in the moonlight. You can use this charged water for the months to come.

The full moon is also a reminder to fill our cup first with love. Just as the moon is so full and bright, so can we be. We all have busy schedules and lots of things to keep balanced. It is important that we put ourselves first and fill our lives with self love. As someone that struggled greatly as a teenager with self doubt and self worth, I now find it so important to speak about ways to show yourself love. Looking back I am now grateful for my years of depression which was caused due to denying my gifts because it was a huge life lesson to learn from and overcome. I now openly talk about my mental health issues because I feel it is a conversation we all need to be having. No matter where you are on your journey of self love there are new tips to be found or rediscovered. This journey inspired me to put together a talk called “Waves of Love.” Just like floating in the ocean, you can show yourself love in waves and the beauty is you are always surrounded by that love just like the water. I offer tips to show yourself love throughout the day, just as the waves roll in, for the body, mind, soul, and spirit. If you are interested in attending the next “Waves of Love” talks please visit my event page for upcoming dates or catch a replay on the previous appearance page. Since I always love to share ways to show yourself love here are a few tips. For the body, try Bio-Touch Healing with a family member or friend. It is easy to learn and only takes seconds. If you have Rose Quartz crystals, place one in each hand to send the love vibration to your heart center and whole body. For the mind, start the morning with saying aloud three things for which you are grateful. This kicks off the day in the vibration of gratitude which is on the same frequency of love. For the soul, check in with yourself by automatic writing. In this writing you set an amount of time you will journal and just see what comes through. Do not go back and read what you have written until the time is done. Whatever comes is perfect so try not to limit or guide yourself. For spirit, check in with your spirit guides each morning by simply saying “spirit move me today for my highest good and my highest good only.” These are just a few quick tips you can easily add into your day. If one or two of these tips speaks to you, then start there.

I would love to see in the comments what you are going to do for the full moon and if any of these tips speak to you. Feel free to also share what you're currently doing so show yourself love. Enjoy your last full moon of 2020 everyone and many blessings to all of you!

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