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Officially halfway through January 2021

How has the first half of the month of January been for you? Where are you focusing your energy this beautiful year?

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2020 and share what’s in store for me for this coming year. To do that I have to start with thank you for being a part of my journey. Whether you have read my blog, came to one of my online classes or booked a healing session with me. I am truly grateful.

2020 started with a bump, literally I hit my head December 30th and was diagnosed with a severe concussion to start the year. Although this experience was extremely painful and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I can now look back and be grateful for the lessons it taught me. This was not my first concussion, in fact it has been a lifelong lesson for me. However, this time I really think I got the message to slow down, listen to what I need, and ask for help. I spent most of the month at home healing. I did turn to all of the healing techniques I could including Bio-Touch and even did physical therapy. This was a first for me and I learned some beautiful new things. There is another reason this had such a big impact on my life. While filling out the paperwork at the doctor's office there was a question “do you hear voices that aren’t there?” As a medium that communicates with spirits, I wasn’t sure what to put here. Do I come out and openly tell this doctor that I do and risk him thinking I’m crazy or do I keep it to myself since they are looking for misfiring of neurons. Well I decided to say it because looking a little crazy wouldn’t hurt right? My whole life I have felt a little discounted from doctors and the medical system. I know of course it has its place and I am grateful for it and all the people that dedicate their lives to it. However, I have always felt a little bit like they look down on the work I do because science hasn’t completely caught up to what us in the metaphysical world knows to be true. I am so happy to report that this doctor did not look at me crazy and did not look down upon me at all. He responded with something along the lines of “well that’s not the same because those voices really are there right?” I can still feel the joy this brought me just recollecting about the moment now. I think it’s natural for most people who communicate with other realms to sometimes have doubts. Doubts in ourselves or doubts it’s even happening. For me, to speak up and say what I do took courage and his reaction confirmed that it was time for me to stand in my own power, no matter who I am speaking to. Although my vision is still affected to this day, I am glad for this eye opening experience. To speak it to the universe, I do hope this will be my last concussion since I feel the lessons have been learned.

Once I could finally stand for an hour without feeling sick, I started to see clients again. At this time the majority of my clients were still coming to see me for massage, some would acknowledge that it was a spirit guided massage but not all. This would of course change as the year went on. In late January I was able to travel back to Tucson for the Gem and Mineral Show. It is the largest in the world and people come from all over. All of you reading this know what happened just a few months later so I am so grateful that I was able to go. It was such a great experience as it always is! I had plans to host a retreat that involved going to the gem show, which would have been this year but those plans will just have to be on hold a little longer since the show was canceled this year. If crystals and healing speaks to you then this retreat will definitely be right up your alley.

I got to take one more huge trip this year, which was to Jamaica for my oldest brother's wedding. There always is something so magical when you see two people in love commit to spending the rest of their lives together. Plus with the background of the beautiful blue ocean, this will be something that will never be forgotten. This trip went until the last day of February and it was definitely divine timing that we got back in time since the covid virus lockdown started in my state as it did in most of the world in March. I thank our spirit guides for getting us home safely.

I knew the universe was giving me a message. I had been thinking about changing paths for some time at this point. This wasn’t the first time the universe heard me wanting a change and paved the way for me. A great reminder that our thoughts really do make our reality. I wasn’t sure how I would have time to step back and make changes and the lockdown did that for me big time. From having 20 something regular clients on the books to zero could have been upsetting but I knew it was for the best. As all of us did at that time I moved online. I had my first big wellness event planned for April 30th, which transitioned to an online event where speakers and guests could attend from all around the country instead of from just my community. On one virtual stage I had some of my most influential mentors speaking alongside me, which was such a great honor! I have since done a handful more events and it has truly brought me great joy.

In May, my husband and I had plans to travel to Ireland to connect back to our ancestral roots. This trip of course was canceled due to the borders being closed but instead we planted some new roots of our own. We found our dream home and conceived our first child. Two huge life milestones that I am forever grateful for. Once my state started to reopen a few of my clients started to rebook again. However, due to a close call of almost being exposed to the virus I re-closed my business door. It was the same week I found out I was pregnant. It was true confirmation to solely be online so clients could see me from the comforts of their own homes. Rebuilding a business pretty much from the ground up takes time. At this point we are in July and I have given probably more information than anyone expected. As I write this I wondered who this post is for. Maybe it is simply just for myself, to get my journey of living a spirit guided life out there. Maybe it’s for my soon to be born child as I sit here happily 33 weeks pregnant. Maybe for the few that have read this far it’s for you. My hope is that this will be a reminder to find the light in all situations and know the universe will always have our back.

The next half of the year I spent most of my time listening to what my body needs to grow this incredible baby. Along with offering readings online for clients I am so grateful for, I hosted online events to help others in their wellness journey. I got to teach online classes to help others live a spirit guided life. As well as getting to teach with the Bio-Touch foundation since their classes were also moved to virtual for the first time. All of these things were made possible by the transition the world went through during 2020. It also gave me plenty of time to make our new house a home. Then the universe provided an incredible opportunity for me. My friend Trinity had started her own home staging business and it was starting to take off so much that she was ready to hire someone on. Knowing that I had an interest in art and decorating she reached out to me, not knowing that I had actually in ways been trained for this by the universe. One of my first big jobs was manager of a boutique hotel spa. My favorite responsibility was redesigning the three spa rooms. Oh man did I love this job! I was able to pick all of the paint colors and design the furniture that the in-house engineer then made. Once my boss saw what a great job I did, I was given other jobs around the hotel. After all I was full time and it wasn’t like I could be doing massages that whole time. One job I was trained for was Hotel Room Inspector. This meant I went into the rooms before people checked in to make sure everything was perfect down to the pen next to the phone being at the correct angle. My detail oriented self loved this job! The opportunity with Trinity was similar to that but even better. Staging homes meant I got to come into a blank space and help make it beautiful. Then make sure everything looked precise so the rooms would photograph best. This new experience brought me such joy at a time that could’ve been a little daunting due to the rebuild of my business. It also gave me an opportunity to talk publicly about another healing technique I love which is making space sacred and clearing energy. There are so many ways to clear energy and one of my favorites is with my singing bowls. In fact I cleared my whole home with one bowl and the practice of Ho’oponopono in about two hours before we moved in. To this day people still comment on the good energy of the home when they enter. The energy around us has just as much impacted on our health and the energy inside us in my eyes. Trinity being the incredible being that she is, was open to anything I wanted to try that would help the home. Wouldn’t you know it that the homes that I brought love into with crystals and set the intention for new owners generated more offers. This was a tool in my tool-belt I had been wanting to use professionally for about a year since I completed my training and honed what worked best for me. I am beyond grateful that 2020 gave me the opportunity to expand this craft. I feel it is important to say that clearing energy should be done regularly and I do it in my home. It is not just for when you move or are trying to sell a house.

With so many new beautiful adventures from the comfort of my own home or in my community socially distanced, I want to take a moment to thank the souls that helped this world awakening process. I am beyond grateful for all the souls that have left this physical plane during this trying time. As someone that truly believes we all sign up for life lessons before we embody, I feel that these souls sign up to help awaken our humanity. There has been so much loss this year and if you are someone that has lost a loved one my heart goes out to you. 2020 will be a year we always remember.

Now this brings me to my plans for 2021. I like to think in 2020 I found my voice to speak up for myself and moved past the concern of what if no one cares to listen. I would love to be able to share my voice more in 2021. I’m not sure how it will look exactly, whether it’s writing more blogs consistently or being given more platforms to speak and channel spirit. So far the year has already started off wonderfully. The first week I was part of a great group of speakers talking about Waves of Love for an incredible fundraiser called Self Care for a Cause. I have some exciting classes on the books and even more are being developed with the help of spirit. Come March my business will be taking a bit backseat since that is when we are expecting our beautiful baby to come. I will still be trying to make time to write and of course be available to my clients. It will be a new beginning that I am going to embrace fully. I’m not really sure what my new life will look like but I am trusting in the universe. The only thing I know 2021 will for sure bring is a beautiful bundle of joy and I am so looking forward to meeting him or her.

I would love to hear in the comments your reflections of 2020 and what you are manifesting for 2021.

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