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Signs From Spirits

This morning during my daily gratitude ritual where I open my drapes and say three things I’m grateful for, a beautiful cardinal appeared. To me, cardinals are one way I connect with my grandmother so I knew right off the bat that it was going to be a great day. To say it was a great day is an understatement! Today I had pleasure of meeting with two great people and look forward to our future endeavors. Also, my spirit guided me to officially launch into working exclusively for myself. This is the first time since I began my career eight years ago that I have solely worked for myself. I am excited to take flight! Cardinals are a great way to connect with spirits and have many meanings. Some of these meanings are the following: -Stop right where you are and observe your surroundings and notice any sensations in your body. -Cardinals can show up to bring creativity to your life or a pop of color. -Someone needs your loving attention and has flagged you down to get it. These are just a few meanings but your interpretation is what is meant for you. Please feel free to share how you connect with cardinals or other signs you have received recently. I look forward to hearing from you and as always many blessings.


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