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Spark Joy and Call Upon Your Joy Guides

What sparks joy for you? Do you like to dance, sing or paint? Does reading a good book or going on a walk do it for you? Where ever you are right now, I want you to get up and do one thing that will spark your joy. As Meghan Trainor says “I don’t know about you but I feel better when I’m dancing.” So guess what, I’m going to dance after I’m done posting this!

Okay okay, maybe you are in a place where you can’t just start singing or painting. Well, then I would like you to take a moment and envision yourself doing whatever brings you joy. Our thoughts are powerful and thinking about that spark can get the energy flowing. If you are sitting there and can’t think of something that will spark joy, try calling on your joy guides. Sometimes we are so set in our ways that we need a reminder of how to just be. You can call upon your joy guides by closing your eyes and connecting with your breath to ground into the earth. Then say in your head or out loud “joy guides I call upon you to help me see what I can do right now that will spark joy in my life for my highest good and my highest good only.” Then just sit with it a moment and see if you are given any inspiration to do something joyous. It might come as a thought or a knowing. Maybe you will hear an idea as if a friend whispered it to you. You might get a feeling in your legs or feel an emotion come over you. You could even get a sense of smell or taste that gives you an idea. Your answer will come to you exactly how it is supposed to and that is perfect. It’s important to remember that sometimes we really must sit with it for a moment.

What did you get up and do? Did you connect with your joy guides? I hope you will share with me and the universe by commenting below.

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I got up and ripped out part of a wall to get rid of the soaked sheetrock

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