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Trust the Journey

It has been eight years since I moved home to Glenview to start one of my dream jobs. Growing up, I was fortunate to have the healing team of re:fit wellness in my life. Owner LB was always a role model of mine for owning her wellness center, her vast amount of knowledge and kind loving heart. That’s why when I received a text asking when I would come work for her as a massage therapist, I decided that day to move from Tucson, Arizona to Glenview, Illinois. I heard the universe guiding me on a new path, and I took a leap. It has been a beautiful journey. I have learned so much over that time. I am so happy where I stand today and forever grateful for that opportunity that brought me home.

When I moved out to Tucson, I never thought I would move back to the north shore of Chicago. Growing up here I felt different. I felt a little too weird to fit in. Eight years ago I thought it was a temporary move and although I can’t say that I’ll be here forever, I’m so grateful I came home. I now work to bring the community together. I help others that feel like they don’t fit in to make soulful connection. I stand here shining my light and invite others to do the same.

Before I was simply on a mission to help people heal themselves by coming to see me for spirit guided massage. Now I know my mission is so much bigger than that. I want to help people truly see the whole world around them. Show them how to use all their senses for healing and know that all healing comes from innately in them. I am forever grateful and excited to continue on this journey!

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