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Tuning in to Your Own Frequency to be Your Authentic Self

Have you ever walked into a very crowded room, and amongst all the chaos, one beautiful being gently grabs your attention, and you know it’s meant to be?

This is being tuned in to your own frequency. When you find something or someone that resonates with you, you are simply drawn together. This is how I now consciously live my life. However, it wasn’t always that way. Before, this used to happen to me randomly, and I would think there was something here and be happy. Now I pay attention to it, and it happens regularly. Still happy of course but now with purpose and meaning

I want to talk about when I was still in my beginning phases of awakening. This morning I was inspired to write about this by my first Tibetan singing bowl. This beautiful bowl came into my life precisely this way.

I was at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show for the first time. If you have never heard of this humongous gem show to give you an idea, it takes over the whole city of Tucson for a few weeks every year. It is the largest show globally, and people gather for it from across the globe. It is breathtaking in a beautiful way and a little overwhelming because there is just so much! I was lucky, the first time I ever went was as a buyer for the boutique hotel I was working at with one of my bosses. To tell you I had no idea what to expect, was an understatement. I got all dressed up and wore cute flats, and man was that a bad idea. After 12 hours of walking around gigantic tents and hotels, I learned my lesson. I wasn’t there to buy for myself that day and honestly, that was okay, I was grateful for the experience.

The next time I went, I was much more prepared and in my element. I wore comfy shoes. I brought a large bag to hold all my treasures, and I went with my mom. We were having the most wonderful day, and it ended on a note that slightly put into action, changed my life. At the time I was a massage therapist working as the spa director and massage was the only healing modality I saw myself doing. Today, I rarely do massage because I find I can have a greater impact with groups through group healing, events, and classes. I love where I am today and if you had told me back then I would be here now I might not believe you.

So what happened, you might be wondering? A singing bowl came into my life. There was one room in this hotel that I had been looking for. It was a man from Tibet that had all kinds of sound healing tools. I’d never met him before but one of his flyers had grabbed my attention. I knew there was something there for me subconsciously. After searching and almost calling it a day I knew I had to go upstairs and to this one area of the hotel. My frequency was already resonating without my awareness, I was being drawn to exactly where I needed to be. I walked into one last room and that was it.

There had to be over 1,000 Tibetan bowls. This room was about 12 x 12 and I am not exaggerating every inch was covered. At the time I was thinking this might be something nice to add to my massages. It was and it also grew into something so much more. It helped me find my voice. There were all these beautifully shined bowls that were perfectly made by hand. It wasn’t the one that shined the most that got my attention. In the corner, I see this one that has age and beauty and I know it’s mine. I know at some point it was made so that I would find it. The colors of greens that were on the metal had truly spoken to me and I was smiling from ear to ear. It was all so effortless and I was overjoyed with my purchase.

At the time I didn’t know it but sound healing or what I now call frequency alchemy would truly become part of my calling. It is a way to connect on a larger scale and help bring the vibration of love into people's awareness. The more people I connect with, the more I see that people think this can only be done at random or without purpose. I’m here to say it can be done mindfully.

How do I now live in this beautiful flow state? I practice and you can too. Our human bodies, our energy, our frequency, and our non-physical being has a memory just like our minds. Just like we say practice makes perfect, this is the case for resonating. It is like a muscle, the more you strengthen it, the more growth and connection you see. With love, you can effortlessly know what it feels like and look for it in your life. I invite you to try saying out loud right now “I give attention to my frequency. This is what my frequency feels like. I look for all things that are here to resonate with my frequency or help me become more spacious for my highest good and my highest good only.”

I hope you remember that we are beings, having a human experience so things will happen that may cause us to react and be out of flow but that’s okay. We are going to be challenged sometimes but you get to decide if you want to learn from those challenges and grow. Sometimes we may feel like we aren't connected to ourselves. This is when we turn to our practice. I hope you remember that you are always 100% connected to your authentic self.

If you are trying this for the first time, let me know how it goes in the comments. If you have questions feel free to reach out to me at If you found this beneficial, please share it with a friend that you feel is ready to connect and truly be their authentic self.

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