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Finding Your Own Abundant Life and Living In It

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

“I can’t show you that money is abundant by throwing money at you. I can hold my vibration in abundance and invite you to join.”

Why can’t I show you by throwing money at you? Well you might like it at first. You may feel that this is the vibration of abundance but it is only a gimmick. True abundance is a vibration that you find on your own. When it is thrown at you, from what I have experienced and witnessed at some point you will change your reaction to the action.

You may become complacent or you may become dependent on it, which is not the vibration of abundance. You may become resentful or uneasy. No, this is not something I would like to invite you to experience. If I am being honest, I have tried this in the past. I saw someone or something lacking and I would throw the money or space at it in the hope it would help, but it never worked. It truly must come from within yourself.

To do this for yourself, you might want to wonder about the following questions. Know that the only correct answer is the answer that resonates with you.

I wonder when I know I am abundant…

What does it feel like?

What does it sound like?

What do I give my attention to?

How easily do I move from step to step?

Where does my journey go?

Abundance speaks to all aspects of our lives. In the beginning of this I referred to money. This is just a jumping off point. Have you ever noticed how some people are at complete ease when it comes to spending money, while others overthink every dollar they spend? This is why I started with money, it’s something we have all experienced and something we have all applied to our own beliefs. Abundance in its true form applies to everything. Love, attention, worth, growth, wisdom. You name it.

I write this as a spirit having a human experience so yes there are things I am working on. However, I am listening to the collective consciousness when I write this. Although I may at times feel lacking as a human, I know that my spirit is always there inviting me to grow and be fully abundant. This is an invitation to you to be fully abundant. When in your life are you in flow with seeing in yourself as abundant? What is one thing that could be more spacious to make room for abundance?

Now you may be wondering, how can I hold my vibration in abundance and invite you to join? It starts with me being as spacious as possible. Try this now or when you feel ready to do so. Feel yourself taking up that space that is your physical body. Feel when your skin meets whatever is supporting you. Whether that’s your feet meeting the floor or your bottom meeting the chair. Feel into those limits that make up the physical body.

When you're ready I want you to feel into your energetic body and beyond.

Can you feel the wall that is closest to you energetically? What about the wall that is farthest away? What about the property line of the land you currently stand on? What about the limits of this earth? This is all a way to play with how spacious you can become. Find where you feel comfortable being as spacious and expanded as you are ready to be. Get really comfortable in your own authentic vibration and hold there.

That’s what I mean by holding your vibrations.

You are ever growing and constricting and it is now with the awareness that you do so with ease. Hold where you are for right now while remaining flexible. That’s all you have to do to make room for abundance. That is how you invite others around you to see and feel abundance.

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