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Healing Sessions 



60 Minute Remote Session

Single Appointment 60 Minute Healing Session 



30 Minute Remote Session 

Single Appointment 30 Minute Remote Intuitive Reading and Innate Healing Session



Text (847) 207-5050 to Book Your Appointment 

Kaileen Cox aims to help all clients live the healthiest lives they can. In order to reach this goal, she offers a variety of services. Please get in touch if you have any questions about any of these services.

Intuitive Reading 

Are you questioning why you are having trouble moving forward? Do you need help releasing cellular memories that no longer serve you? During an intuitive reading Kai will facilitate a connection with your higher self, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones for answers and help.





Bio-Connection is a beautiful healing session that brings together all the techniques Kai has learned to intuitively craft the best session for you. The main components of these sessions include Bio-Touch, Dr. Tennet’s BioModulator and Transducer, Five Elements Balancing, and Intuitive Reading. Based on your individual need crystals, singing bowls, and essential oils may also be used. No two sessions are the same since each session is based on what you need that day. 

Bio-Touch Healing

Bio-Touch is a uniquely natural approach to alleviate stress and pain in addition to supporting good health through all stages of life. It is a very gentle healing technique that can be used alone or with other complementary modalities. Bio-Touch is simple to learn so in each session you will learn a few of the points so that you can share Bio-Touch with your loved ones. 


Bio-Touch classes are also available in person or online and can be learned by people of all ages. Please email if you are interested in hosting a class. 

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