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Remembering to trust myself and leaning into the universe

On the spiritual path, just like any other, there is always room for expansion and growth. I like to think of us as a crescent moon. While shining our light, we realize there’s still much to reflect on and discover. As a spiritual mentor, I help people recognize and bring awareness to their higher self and inner guidance. Cherish this work I get to do with others! While knowing, I am still human. I still have moments when I need to do the exact same with myself. Times where I am still learning to fully trust all that I am. Time when I can lean more into the magic that is the universe and see how everything is happening for me. In this talk, I give an example of something that’s been weighing on me and inviting me to grow. I show that even in the mundane and there’s something so profound and how the littlest things can be confirmation that lead you to see and grow.

Watch the video to hear my journey coming full circle to trust and continue to lean into the universe.

When was the last time you doubt yourself and overcame it?

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